Olympic Cultural Enterprise & TKL Gifted Education




    Olympic Cultural Enterprise was founded by Mr. Tsai Kun Lung, a Taiwan mathematics expert since 1976. Starting from mathematics learning centers, publications to national and international mathematics competitions, OLPCS gained good reputation in the mathematics industry. After 40 years, OLPCS has 15 mathematics education brands, over 700 education centers throughout Asia and 3 kindergartens in Taiwan. Its achievement is highly recognized by parents and peers. Besides, OLPCS organizes two large-scale mathematics competitions very year. They are the World Mathematics Invitational and National Olympic Mathematics Competition which are welcomed by many countries and Taiwan students respectively. Throughout the past 40 years, Mr. Tsai Kun Lung had published over 100 mathematics books. Among them, the ‘7 Mathematics Principles’ obtained the ‘18310 Publication Rights’ from the Taiwan Government and the ‘Daily Mathematics’ had been recognized as ‘The Best Primary Mathematics Publication’.


    In the year 2008, Mr. Mr. Tsai Kun Lung and his mathematics expert team produced the PBI Intelligence Development Mathematics Teaching Material for kids. With the slogan of ‘We make children cleverer’, OLPCS’s business further expanded to other Asian countries such as China and Malaysia. In 2013, Mr. Tsai and his team further produced the PBM Mathematics Teaching Material for primary students. It helps students improve their mathematics ability effectively.


    In 2018, OLPCS expands its business to Hong Kong and Macau. Besides, With the leadership of Mr. Tsai Kun Lung, OLPCS is going to enter the market of Taiwan’s stock exchange and it is a milestone of the development of Olympic Cultural Enterprise.